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David Pagotto

Who is David Pagotto


David Pagotto

Managing Director, SIXGUN Agency

David Pagotto is the Founder and Managing Director of SIXGUN, a Melbourne-based digital marketing agency. He has been involved in digital marketing for over 10 years helping organisations get more customers, more reach, and more impact. 

David began his digital marketing career doing the technical implementation and working on some of Australia’s largest brands before launching SIXGUN, who have worked with household names like Roll’d, Drake International, Peter Sheppard and more. 

SIXGUN focuses on scaling organisational growth and building sustainable results for the long-term, with a data-driven approach to developing strategy. They focus on Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

David is also passionate about supporting meaningful causes; SIXGUN provides free marketing for selected charities, and for each staff member employed by SIXGUN David donates money monthly to Edgars Mission.

Keynote Speaking Topics

  • 6 SEO Mistakes You're Probably Making

Over David’s ten year career he has seen six common SEO mistakes that marketing managers and business owners make. In this presentation he runs through all six, re-educating the audience on how to do them correctly to greatly improve their SEO performance. David is both technically driven and a strong communicator, so even those who are un-technical walk away educated and inspired by what they can accomplish with SEO. 

The talk covers:
– How to do keyword research and allocation correctly
– How to write titles, meta descriptions and keywords effectively
– How to fix canonicalisation issues (yes, he thoroughly explains what canonicalisation is)
– How to improve poor content and fix duplication- How to implement a good back links strategy
– How to create a good usability and user experience

  • Crawl Efficiency and SEO Performance
For marketing managers and business owners who have their SEO foundations well set up, but still aren’t getting the performance they expected, David delivers this presentation on crawl efficiency and SEO performance. Thanks to David’s skill in explaining technicalities in easy-to-understand ways, the audience walks away with a deeper understanding of SEO and a clear action plan to improve their SEO performance.

This presentation covers:

– How to improve your crawl efficiency to help you outrank your competitors
– How to use a dynamic sitemap to improve crawl speed
– How to delete content duplication and create great content Google will love
– How to remove zombie pages
– The correct use of the robots.txt files
– How to handle parameters inside your urls
– How to remove canonicalisation and make sure it’s never a problem again
– How to check all of your status codes (404s, 301s, 302s) are helping your SEO, not hindering it
– How to improve your website speed
– How to use tools such as Screaming Frog and Search Console to manage your SEO performance

  • The future of SEO
In this talk David covers the future trends arising in the digital marketing landscape, and how you can jump in early to take advantage of them:

This presentation covers:
– Voice search
– Google vs. Apple
– Diversifying outside of SEO

David also shares that, despite digital marketing being a fast-paced, ever-changing industry, there are some core tactics that will never die.

As long as you stay on top of them you will have good SEO performance:
– Strong content marketing
– Great user experience
– Quality link building

investment for keynote speaking

Keynote Speaking

Book David Pagotto on stage
at your next event, for #SEO Magic!
$ 4,499
Per Event
  • 45 - 60 Min Presentaion
  • Slide & Workbook Downloads
  • Engaged Audience
  • Loads of Knowledge Shared

more than just speaking

David is available for more than just speaking presentations, he’s a pretty talented guy.

  • Podcast Interviews
  • Livestreams and Video Interviews
  • Group Training Sessions
  • Staff Lunch and Learns