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SIXGUN is the digital marketing agency you need to take your business into the future. We are a team of passionate SEO experts and marketers, with the technical expertise to create and execute campaigns designed for long-term results.
OUR Award-Winning TEAM

We obsess about details and results as if your business and marketing are our own. We pride ourselves on technical excellence, and we become a real extension of your own team.

Founded in 2017 by David Pagotto, SIXGUN is one of the country’s fastest growing SEO and Digital Marketing agencies. We’ve built a strong reputation for results, expertise, and exceptional customer experiences. Driven by the desire to provide a better digital marketing experience than was available in the market, SIXGUN’s focus is on building solid website foundations for strong digital marketing results. Done well, marketing can be seamless, and we aim for the best results without compromising your customers’ experience.

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Your success is our success.

The ever-changing digital landscape requires an agency that isn’t stuck in the past. The search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies that worked in 2008 simply don’t work anymore. At SIXGUN, we focus on building your brand, not just trying to fool Google for fast results. SIXGUN carefully crafts campaigns that grow your business and website sustainably, providing results that last.

Our approach focuses on building relationships with our clients. We take the time to learn about your industry and your ambitions for the future to plan the perfect strategy. No two businesses are the same, so we don’t follow a template and ensure that everything we do is unique to your website. This means high-quality content, comprehensive website audits and technical improvements, social media strategies, and Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads and Instagram marketing campaigns.

How we’re different

Technical firepower

Award-winning technical firepower. We tailor a strategy that is unique to your goals.


Hyper-transparency and unrivalled communication in everything we do.

Team integration

Our internal teams integrate not only together but as an extension of yours to deliver powerful, long-term results.

Real social impact

We support a number of social initiatives including our partnership to offset carbon emissions & plant trees with Ecologi.

At SIXGUN, we make sure every campaign we create is bespoke for your business. We do this via our tried-and-tested process of discovery and implementation:

  1. Our team assesses your current status and looks at what tactics and strategies you are already using. This gives us our benchmark.
  2. Using this information, we then create a strategy to build on what is successful, correct what isn’t, and design a campaign that works for your website, industry and business.
  3. Our team then puts the plan into action. This isn’t a set-and-forget solution, and throughout the entire course of your campaign we will be refining and developing the strategy to ensure maximum ROI.

The world of SEO and digital marketing moves quickly, with new innovations occurring every day. Whether it’s a Google algorithm update or a new social media channel creating waves, you can rely on SIXGUN to help you navigate the often murky and confusing world of doing business in a digital world.

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An unwavering commitment to ongoing research and development

We adapt our approach to suit your industry, the size of your business and your future ambitions. Search engines grow and develop quickly, and we aren’t simply trying to keep up. Instead, SIXGUN uses the combined SEO experience of our team to anticipate developments, while doing the basics to the very highest standards.

Our team works with a wide range of industries, across every sector – B2C, B2B, ecommerce, bricks and mortar offline stores, and the full range of service industries, including trades. In this day and age, every business needs a website and a strong online presence in order to compete. SIXGUN can provide a comprehensive solution for your business to improve your search engine ranking, while effectively building and promoting your brand. We do this by using the latest digital tools and the expertise of a competent and diverse team.


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