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A common problem for businesses is choosing the wrong SEO company. Review forums are filled with tales of woe from business owners who have been stung by low-quality SEO companies looking to make fast money and with no regard for the long-term damage they’ve caused.

The last decade has seen search engine optimisation grow from a niche industry to a standard marketing function. Where it was once considered the “art of beating Google”, it has now become simply a way of optimising your site to give it the best chance of ranking on their website. The tactics from the wild west days of SEO no longer work and are more likely to result in a penalty that will seriously impact your site’s visibility and likelihood of being found by people using search engines.

If you’ve been hit with a Google penalty and your site is sinking, don’t despair – assistance is at hand.

Avoid penalties with the agency keeping up with Google’s algorithm

You need an agency that has the agility to evolve its approach to not simply keep up with Google and other search engines, but stay ahead of the curve.

SIXGUN has seen it all. Our team has been in the industry for many years and witnessed the growth and evolution of the industry, the attempts of unscrupulous agencies to make as much money as they can for as little effort as possible, and every trick in the black hat SEO book.

This experience means we understand that a Google penalty isn’t something that is simply shrugged off. Your business name and brand image depend on people being able to find your site. Sure, you can change your name and start again, but make sure you talk to SIXGUN before taking such drastic action.

If your site has been hit with a google penalty, all is not lost. SIXGUN’s tech wizards can help get your domain’s reputation back on track. Our team has the experience and expertise to help you liaise with Google to reverse the penalty and begin the process of undoing the damage.

A Google penalty doesn’t mean that all is lost

A google penalty is often the result of dated or “black hat” SEO tactics from yesteryear. Back in the wild west days of link farms and content spinning, SEO companies would guarantee results by gaming the google algorithm. As Google’s search system has evolved, these techniques have lost almost all their currency and power.

Instead, Google now sees these as attempts to get around their checks and balances that ensure only the most relevant sites are shown in response to user queries. People forget that Google is a business, it’s not a democratic ranking system. The best way to make sure your site is ranking well, is to make your website the best it can be and SIXGUN can help you. Once we have reversed a penalty, we then implement a solid SEO campaign that is aligned with Google’s rules and guidelines, ensuring you won’t receive any further penalties, and helping get your business’s site back on the map.

Speak to our team today to reverse a Google penalty

Discover more about how SIXGUN can get your site back on track. Call us today on 1300 127 361 to speak with one of our team and we will be happy to provide all the information you need. We have made it our mission to provide powerful SEO that doesn’t compromise your brand or website and offers long term results for continued success. You can also leave your details in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.