Become the Neighbourhood Experts with Local SEO

Ranking for keywords is all well and good, but if you aren’t getting your business in front of the people who can actually use your services, then what’s the point?

SIXGUN specialises in bringing local customers to local businesses, with targeted solutions to grow your client base and help the neighbourhoods in your area find the services they need.

Many SEO agencies aim to rank phrases and words without any consideration for the health of your business itself. Being on the front page of the Google SERP won’t help you as an owner operator of a building company, carpet cleaner, lawn mower or plumber, if all your site’s web traffic is from 200kms away, or another country entirely.

People love supporting their local businesses, but if they can’t find you then they’ll go elsewhere. Let your local area know you’re exactly what they’re looking for with the SIXGUN approach to local SEO. Whether you’re just starting out and want to get a foothold in your local market before expanding and taking on the country or the world, or you want to maximise your impact and visibility in the surrounding suburbs, SIXGUN will design and execute a strategy to help you reach your business’s full potential.

Local SEO that grows your brand, not just your traffic

Every industry is competitive, with businesses in every postcode competing for a finite client base. SIXGUN digital marketing agency can help you get your piece of the pie, now and in the future, regardless of what innovations and technological advances are around the corner.

SIXGUN’s team of SEO specialists has decades of combined experience, giving us the expertise to ensure your website is performing. This isn’t simply about making sure it is optimised for search engines, but a comprehensive digital marketing package that covers everything from conversion rate optimisation, social media marketing, Google AdWords campaigns, Google Analytics to keep tabs on the process, as well as cutting edge SEO strategies aimed at long-term results.

A modern approach to local SEO that gets results

Our local SEO tactics are as much about growing your brand and its visibility within your area as they are about ranking on Google’s front page. This means we look at all the elements to create a successful strategy, including maps, Google My Business, and all the things you need to secure your online presence and deliver the best services to people who need them.

The SIXGUN approach to SEO – local, nationwide or international – is based on the same dedication to sustainability and long-term gain. We don’t just give your site a once over and move on – we’re with you throughout your entire contract, making adjustments to your website, refining and improving it every step of the way.  SEO and digital marketing moves quickly and SIXGUN is the agency that doesn’t just keep up, but anticipates and pre-empts the shifts in technology and strategies. We achieve this by maintaining constant surveillance of your data, tracking what tactics have worked well, those that need to be tweaked, and what needs to be changed completely.

Contact us today and get your SEO journey underway

Become the business all the locals turn to with SIXGUN. Call us on 1300 127 361 to speak with one of our team and we will be happy to provide all the answers you need. Regardless of your industry, SIXGUN’s team of digital marketing experts can tailor a solution for your business. We’ve made it our business to stay ahead of the competition and offer Melbourne’s most advanced and up-to-date SEO services, both for local results and international traffic. Discover more today and start your digital marketing journey with the team at SIXGUN at the wheel.