Use LinkedIn Marketing to Reach an Engaged, Professional Audience

LinkedIn was once the uncool younger brother of Facebook. It was more serious and focussed on building business connections online to influence businesses offline.

Now, LinkedIn is a fully fledged social network and while it still offers a reprieve from the memes and baby photos of other networks, it has become a go to place for people who want to expand their business by engaging with like-minded professionals.

LinkedIn marketing is less overt than other channels, focussing on brand awareness and engagement more than just a hard sell. This enables you to connect with your audience in many different ways, including:

  • sponsored content and promoted blogs
  • display ads
  • text ads
  • ads that prompt users to follow your business’ profile
  • direct marketing via InMail
  • showcase pages.

SIXGUN has the expertise to create LinkedIn marketing campaigns that get results. We have assembled a wide array of talent, which enables us to provide our clients unique solutions, tailored specifically to your business. SIXGUN isn’t interested in fast results for short term success. We are committed to sustainable tactics that perform over the long-term, offering a real return on your investment that you can see on your bottom line.

Complete your marketing package with our LinkedIn expertise

LinkedIn’s data set enables marketers to target audiences in a different way to Facebook, Twitter or the other mainstream social channels. Instead of the movies and music people like, it looks at their work experience. Instead of the photos they’re tagged in, LinkedIn considers someone’s education history. This enables businesses to create ads that go beyond the superficial likes and dislikes model, tapping into their actual life history in a more meaningful way.

SIXGUN can help you make the most of LinkedIn marketing and create advertisements that capture the imagination.

Beyond the standard “put an ad up and hope” approach, LinkedIn marketing is a powerful tool for building connections with people and other businesses. It’s not simply a way for job seekers and recruiters to make eyes at each other – LinkedIn marketing allows connections to engage with your company in a real way, watch your updates and follow your projects. In a world where online reputation and trustworthiness are becoming highly-valued commodities, these connections are invaluable for your brand.

More than an agency, we become your very own digital marketing department

SIXGUN isn’t your average digital marketing agency. Where standard marketing agencies offer you a package they dreamed up to get the most value for themselves, SIXGUN is different.

We start by learning about your business. We conduct a full audit of your website and existing marketing tactics to establish a benchmark. From there we discuss your goals and create a bespoke strategy to help you achieve them. Every SIXGUN client is difference, so we tailor our services to suit you.

Once we’re underway with your campaign, SIXGUN is right by your side the entire time. If you need some advice or have questions that need answers, we’re just a phone call away. If you need us to spend some time onsite keeping things on track, we can do that too. Our success is based on your success, which makes it imperative that we treat every marketing campaign as if we were doing it for ourselves.

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Find out more about the power of LinkedIn marketing by getting in touch with the SIXGUN team. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and business, then tailor a solution to suit your unique needs. Call us on 1300 127 361 to talk to one of our experts, or use our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Start your LinkedIn marketing journey today with SIXGUN.