Harness the Power and Immediacy on YouTube Marketing

Video is everywhere. Long gone are the days where watching a video online was restricted to sitting at a computer and waiting for it to buffer sufficiently to play smoothly. Now people watch videos anywhere and everywhere, using tablets, smartphones, and computers of every specification. It is no longer just the realm of cat videos and appliance unboxing, with huge corporations investing money into both creating videos and putting their ads on those of others.

SIXGUN can help you tap into the YouTube market and reach more people than ever before.

YouTube marketing from Melbourne’s leading boutique digital agency

It’s often said that video is the future of content. That’s true. But it is also the here and now. Video content is proven to provide higher levels of engagement, requiring little of the user other than having their eyes open.

Television has traditionally been the most powerful advertising medium – YouTube is television advertising for the 21st century and it’s only getting bigger.

YouTube provides a targeted version of television advertising, with video and ad placement segmented into different audiences. YouTube is its own social network, with all the data and tools to reach different demographics effectively. SIXGUN has the technical expertise and digital experience to craft an elegant YouTube campaign, designed to reach your audience and drive traffic and leads.

The agency you can rely on for effective marketing campaigns fast

SIXGUN is passionate about digital marketing and helping Australian businesses succeed. Our unique approach begins by getting to know your business and your ambitions, then carefully crafting a strategy that is designed specifically for you.

When you choose SIXGUN, you’re choosing the agency that provides the most attentive and dedicated service in Australia. We aren’t simply your digital marketing agency – we become an integral part of your business. We’re available when you need us – whether that’s a phone call after hours or spending a day in your office working on your strategy. We ensure that every one of our clients has a direct line of communication to our team. This means that nothing is ever left to chance and helps us build a strong relationship with your company. This integration allows us to work quickly and make sure you get the best possible return on your marketing investment.

YouTube marketing is more than just 15 second ads

There’s a misconception that YouTube marketing is just creating ads and putting them at the start of cat videos. This is certainly one option, but there is so much more.

Content creation is vital for engaging your audience and bringing your brand to life. In 2018, it isn’t enough to just have a good product or service. You have to reach out to people in ways that your competitors aren’t. Creating a YouTube channel for your business is a great way to open your doors to people, regardless of their location.

Creating your own videos doesn’t have to be hard. Any smartphone from the last five years has the capability to record high-quality video. From there, it’s a matter of editing and uploading, then promoting. If you get really good at creating original videos, then your never know how far it could travel.

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Whether you want to create your own video content, place your ads onto other people’s videos, or start an SEO campaign, SIXGUN can help you do it. We have the technical expertise to help you create content that sings and goes well beyond blog posts and Twitter updates. Unleash the power of video with YouTube marketing and the expertise of SIXGUN. Call us today on 1300 127 361, or leave your details in our contact form, and we will be happy to answer your questions and get your journey underway.