Quick Fix: Google Analytics Referral Spam

Google Analytics has been overrun with spam – there’s no doubt about it. Every time I login to an account I can’t help but notice all the misrepresented data on display. There are a number of different ways to exclude this data in GA but I have found this simple solution will remove the majority of unnecessary referral spam. It will even allow you to view your data historically.

So here is the quick fix: Setup a custom advanced segment where the hostname contains the URL.


Here we go, step 1:

Under Audience > Overview (the default Google analytics screen) click on the ‘All Sessions’ segment to display the segment options. Then click ‘New Segment’.


Step 2:

Rename the segment to something recognisable, for example “Hostname contains yoururl.com”.

Under Advanced > Conditions select ‘Hostname’ as the filter, ‘contains’ as the parameter and then enter the URL you are tracking.

Then click ‘Save’.


Step 3:

You’re done! Just go and select your new segment and click ‘Apply’.


There you have it, a quick and easy way to retroactively filter the majority of your referral spam.


Image Credit: Business

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