Tile Solution Australia

Tile Solution Australia specialises in tile and stone cleaning, polishing, restoration, and sealing across Melbourne.

Increased Google Ads conversions by 61%.

Reduced the Google Ads cost per conversion by 60%.

2,675 keyword position increases for tracked keywords.


Tile Solution Australia had been utilising search strategies internally and with other digital marketing agency partners but wanted help to take their performance to the next level.


We first optimised an existing Google Ads campaign that would help drive increased and consistent lead volumes in the short-mid-term. Following this we added SEO into the marketing mix after establishing Google Ads performance. SEO would lessen the reliance on paid ads as well as develop a true multi-channel approach which could broaden their reach and set the business up for long term growth.

  • Through a detailed Google Ads audit we identify areas of opportunity that allowed us to not only scale the lead volumes over time but consistently reduce the cost per lead.
  • The previous SEO strategy had been heavily reliant on technical and content components with little to no effort placed on link acquisition. Link building resources, along with a more detailed approach to onsite, technical, and content optimisations helped develop the campaign.


Google Ads (Jan 2022 vs July 2023)

  • Increased the number of overall conversions by 61%.
  • Reduced the cost per conversion by 60%.
  • Increased the conversion rate by 61%.

SEO (Feb 2023 vs July 2023)

2,675 keyword position increases in ranking performance for tracked keywords. Including boosting the ranking performance for the following keywords, all being situated in the top 3 organic positions:
  • tile grinding
  • tile sanding melbourne
  • pool tile repair
  • limestone tile repair
  • concrete tile grinding


“We’ve been with SIXGUN for a few years now and they provide us with both SEO and Ad services. We couldn’t be happier with their service. Harris, Nelson and their team are the best. We highly recommend them.”
Tile Solution Australia


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