Edgar’s Mission

Edgar’s Mission is a non-profit farm sanctuary in Victoria, dedicated to supporting rescued farm animals in need of a better life.

SIXGUN has been a long-time supporter of Edgar’s Mission by sponsoring a number of their rescued animals.

59% increase in revenue.

138% increase in ROAS.


As a non-profit Edgar’s Mission is reliant on regular fundraising to support their amazing work and costs of running of the farm.

Throughout the year there are a few key social media campaigns that drive these fundraising efforts as well as support overall awareness of their work and the animals.

  • Merchandise Campaign – Drive sales of Edgar’s Mission merchandise.
  • Build Their Barn Fundraiser – The farm was in need of a new barn, and they had a goal of raising $200,000 to do this with a social media campaign being a part of the marketing mix. We were given a $7,000 budget to help bring in as many donations as possible.

We were tasked with delivering on both of these campaigns, with the goal to drive as many sales and donations as possible with a dedicated budget and set timeframes.


Targeting a mixture of warm existing audiences and new cold audiences we structured these campaigns to help both educate our target audience on who Edgar’s Mission are and what they do as well as encourage them to donate or purchase their merchandise.

To make sure we really understood the impact and amazing work Edgar’s Mission does our team went out and spent a day volunteering to (literally) get our hands dirty and meet the animals.


Merchandise Campaign (Facebook Ads) – Q2 2022 (April to June 2022) vs Q2 2023 (April to June 2023)

Merchandise campaign performance was measured against the previous year when run by their prior agency.

With 33% less budget than previously allocated, the SIXGUN team delivered the following:

  • 53% increase in overall purchases.
  • 59% increase in revenue.
  • 56% reduction in cost per acquisition.
  • 138% increase in ROAS.

Build Their Barn Campaign Fundraiser (Facebook Ads) – Q2 2022 (April to June 2022)

  • $21,316.14 worth of donations from a $6,674.05 spend.
  • 3.19X ROAS.
  • Over 850,000 impressions, impacting fundraising efforts from other channels.
  • Helped reach and exceed their fundraising goal of $200,000 with $297,193 reached in total.


“We love working with SIXGUN! David leads an incredible group that’s got both skill and heart. Edgar’s Mission has been working with SIXGUN for a few years now and it has been such a pleasure! 10/10 – can’t thank them enough.”

Kelly Dinham – Community Engagement and Advocacy Officer at Edgar’s Mission


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