Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is a world leading cancer treatment, research, and education centre dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer.

Enhanced data insights and operational efficiency.

Streamlined data reporting.


The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre singled us out for our expertise in analytics and data management.

SIXGUN undertook an initial project for the Centre, which led to a second sub-project, working with the fundraising arm of the organisation, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation (the Foundation). Peter Mac and the Foundation are distinct entities, each with separate teams, organisational structures, touchpoints and requirements.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

The primary focus was the Centre’s website ( necessitating a basic setup with intricate integrations. 

We worked to embed third-party tools like Raisely and integrate them into GA4 for effective reporting and tracking. Key tasks included:

  • Cross-domain tracking with Foundation sites.
  • Tracking file downloads and PDF forms.
  • Report creation for analysis of high bounce rate and UX/CX improvements.
  • Custom dimensions and metrics for specific questionnaires.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation (Fundraising)

Far more complex, this project required tracking and reporting across twelve (12) different subdomains. The primary tasks were:

  • Setting up a unified tracking system in a single GTM container for all Foundation sites.
  • Implementing cross-domain tracking and behaviour flow analysis.
  • Integrating third-party tools (Raisely & Grassrootz) into GA4.


Aiming for comprehensive data tracking and analysis, we tailored our services to the needs of each entity.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

SIXGUN set up GA4 for and implemented tracking points for the following user actions:

  • Click to call
  • Click to email
  • Contact us form completions
  • Social link clicks and shares (including other custom dimensions)
  • File downloads
  • Donation tracking for the Raisely platform

We also cleaned up and verified all tags in Google Tag Manager and developed a GTM and GA4 framework, including documentation and a training session for stakeholders at Peter Mac.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation (Fundraising)

For the Foundation websites, we implemented a customised GA4 setup for detailed subdomain reporting of all twelve (12) subdomains, making each subdomain owner’s reporting process much more streamlined.

Reporting now includes revenue data along with all other tracked elements, as requested.

Additionally, user behaviour flows (including a reverse path exploration report) were created to identify which subdomain donations originated on.

A single GTM container was used across all subdomains for consistency. As with the Peter Mac project, detailed documentation and training sessions were provided to key stakeholders.


Outcomes for both Peter Mac and the Foundation were significant, delivering enhanced data insights and operational efficiency.

For the Peter Mac project, efficient integration of analytics tools led to a streamlined data reporting process, and custom tracking for specific user interactions provided deeper behavioural insights.

For the Foundation project, our work in consolidating tracking across multiple sites reduced workload and improved data management. Integrated reporting systems provided a holistic view of user interactions across all Foundation sites, and the unified data approach facilitated a comprehensive understanding of donation sources and user pathways.

In the words of the client: ‘This is what we’ve been waiting for and wanting for years.’


“Cameron, Matt and the team at SIXGUN were a pleasure to work with. They were quick, efficient and generous with their time. From the start of working with them, we knew we were in good hands for assistance with our GA4 and GTM setup and consolidation across multiple subdomains.

The training and documentation they provided was thorough and really helpful. It was immensely helpful to have their expertise and assistance consolidating our data and we look forward to working with them again in the future. Thanks!”

Maryse Dubois – Digital Specialist at Peter MacCallam Cancer Foundation


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