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Facebook’s rise to the top of the food chain has been meteoric. In 14 years, it has gone from a college project to the fifth most valuable company in the world. It’s even more remarkable to remember that for the first two years of its life, it was exclusively for college students in America. Twelve years on, and despite some ups and downs, Facebook is still the biggest player in social media and a tech giant. With 2.2 billion active users around the globe, ignoring Facebook is not an option for any business.

A service that goes well beyond your typical digital marketing agency

The team at SIXGUN are more than just a collection of marketing professionals. We bring together a wide range of expertise, covering every aspect of the digital marketing journey. We achieve exceptional results for you by becoming a part of your business. We take the time to learn about your company, your audience and your ambitions for the future. Our team is on hand whenever you need us, applying the same attention to detail and precision we would to our own marketing campaign. We understand that marketing budgets can be tight and we don’t spend a cent of your investment on anything we wouldn’t for our own business. Our success is based on yours, which motivates us to look for the best solution, not simply the first or most obvious.

SIXGUN helps you create the ideal Facebook marketing and remarketing campaigns. SIXGUN has the experience and expertise to help you get the most from Facebook, with memorable, engaging advertisements, both for the initial visit and the remarketing ones that bring visitors back for a second look. We will help you build a Facebook business page that makes it simple for your audience to get the answers they want and to contact your business.

Facebook marketing is more than just likes and shares

Facebook isn’t simply a way to put ads in front of users. Sure, that is part of it, but more than that, Facebook is an ecosystem. A place where people find news and reviews, connect with their friends and family, and discover and interact with businesses. In fact, some businesses find that Facebook’s messaging app is one of the primary ways customers make contact.

Facebook remarketing works in a similar way to Google remarketing, but instead of following your customers across the internet, it reminds them of products and services within Facebook itself. The average time spent on Facebook per day is 20 minutes. That isn’t much and Facebook remarketing allows you to stay in front of your audience for as much of that time as possible.

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Discover more about what SIXGUN can do for your business by getting in touch with our team today. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and tailor a package to suit your individual ambitions. SIXGUN take the time to understand your business and its goals, creating a SEO & SEM strategy that is unique to our business and ensures that you’re not just doing exactly what your competitors are and hoping for the best. We aim for long-term, sustained results, with bespoke campaigns that leverage what you’re already doing well, improve your weak points, and offer new and exciting ways to engage with your audience to convert leads and make sales – regardless of your industry.

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