Your Complete Search Engine Marketing Solution In Melbourne

Want to book us in, come to your office & show you SEM strategies & tactics to maximise your bottom line?

At SIXGUN, we love meeting potential clients and showing them how search engine marketing (SEM) can help them maximise their growth potential. 

And rather than just a boring old call, we want to come to your office and show you the ropes to SEM from your business’s perspective.

There are no strings attached here, because we truly believe in our approach as a SEM agency and you get a personalised SEM experience – no matter what!

SIXGUN brings a new, relationship invested agency approach with search engine marketing to Melbourne business owners – like you!

SIXGUN is a Melbourne based SEM agency you can rely on for a complete campaign that brings all the pieces together to create a strong web presence. Our team is hand-picked for their expertise and experience, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information available, with advice and guidance you can trust for results now and in the future. 

We aren’t interested in fast money for sloppy work and we use our knowledge to research, implement and track modern search engine marketing strategies that aims for sustainable, long-term results, regardless of your business and industry.

Cutting edge SEM requires an agency at the forefront of digital innovation

SIXGUN can help you with the whole spectrum of web marketing, from fine tuning your SEO for optimal organic search engine rankings to optimising your conversions for more sales and revenue, as well as creating a social presence that engages your customers in interesting and effective ways.

When you work with the team at SIXGUN, you’re assured of a strategy that is based on the very latest SEM techniques and tactics, ensuring that your site is aligned with industry standards, is never at risk of Google penalties, and is focussed on long-term, sustainable results.

SEM is more than just Google ranking, its about business results that you can feel now

There was once a time where building a website and submitting it to Google was about as far as it went. The last decade has seen digital marketing change and outgrow the image of a website being simply a brochure to direct people to your business. Search engine marketing now encompasses everything from the search engine optimisation of your website and your site’s structure, to your social media channels and the pay-per-click models of AdWords and Facebook marketing.

Where SEO is aimed at organic rankings, with your site’s content and structure helping to determine its position on the search engine results page (SERP), SEM looks at the whole landscape. SEO is a major part of search engine marketing and we will use our expertise to ensure your site is streamlined for efficient crawling, packed with high-quality content, and complemented with the full scope of digital tools and techniques.

Take a 360 degree of your business with a tailored Search Engine Marketing campaign

Sometimes your business can’t afford to wait until its organic rankings improve, which is why SIXGUN offers strategies to support and enhance our SEO efforts. These include:

SIXGUN focuses on building your brand and creating awareness in your audience. Recent Google developments have begun to place more emphasis on brand searches, which means that simply trying to rank for key words and phrases is no longer enough. At SIXGUN we can provide a comprehensive SEO & SEM campaign that doesn’t leave anything to chance and ensures that you are getting the most value for your money.

Call us up for an in-house SEM strategy & learn session at your Melbourne office today!

Discover what our Melbourne SEM team at SIXGUN can do for your business by getting in touch with us today. Call us on 1300 127 361 and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you take the first steps in your search engine marketing journey with a Melbourne agency that truly cares about the relationship & the results!

We know that not everyone has the desire or time to become digital marketers, so we’ve created a range of products that make it simple to get the results you want, without ever compromising the smooth running of your business. We are the search engine marketing agency that feels like an in-house marketing team.


David & the team at SIXGUN have the best service in the game! Professional, results orientated with client service and care beyond expectation. Highly recommend them!
Isaiah Wittingslow